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Tao Jia Martial Arts is based in Bury, Lancashire. We teach Traditional Martial Arts, Self Defence and Health Systems to the highest standard. The school is founded by internationally respected instructor Sifu Chris Lomas.


Our Curriculum is one of the most comprehensive available anywhere, including full instruction in:

[ Striking (kicks, punches, knees, elbows)

[ Stand Up Grappling (locks, throws)

[ Street Self Defence

[ Traditional Weaponry

[ Traditional Conditioning (Iron Hand, Iron Body,                   Core Body Strengthening )

[ Internal Training (Qi Kung, Meditation)

[ Traditional Chinese Healing Arts (Tui Na,                   Acupressure, Taoist Healing)


We offer our students:

[ A full time training facility with a dedicated team of                 highly qualified and experienced instructors.   

[ First lesson free, no contracts, monthly pay as you go.

[ Children's and Family classes  especially designed for                 beginners as well as adult & advanced classes

[ Monthly full day training courses for long distance                 students and instructors

[ Traditional, specialised training equipment to                 develop high level skills

[ Online learning facility with professionally filmed                 material to support training

[ 6-9 week intensive courses in specialist subjects


Enjoy browsing the website, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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